Nowadays, my daughter, Nora, and son, Kenyon Jr., are staples in my show, as of course my wife, Jenni, has been for sometime. With that, I primarily perform locally in my hometown of St. Cloud, Florida, taking the occasional gig outside of the state here and there. This allows me to be the “Family Man” I believe God wants me to be. This present chapter in my life is the inspiration for this album. I’m real excited for you to listen to “Family Man” which is a musical journey–the songs are in chronological order. “Family Man” starts off with “Ramblin'”, which begins with a story about my Grandpa. Then, the songs move through time from when I met Jenni, to married life, to changing gears in my career, having our babies, adjusting to the new challenges in life, right up to the present stage we find ourselves in. As you listen to this album, I hope you can hear how thankful I am to be on this path God has me on. However, if you don’t want to think that hard, just crank it up and dance along with us!





It was January of 2006 that I caught a break–a five song demo I had made in Nashville got in the hands of country music legend Mel Tillis. Upon hearing it, to my astonishment, Mel wanted to meet me. It seems Mel liked my traditional sound. Also, I don’t think it hurt that I am a Florida boy–just like Mel.

Now, before all that, I had been kicking around Central Florida, playing at special events and local restaurants/bars on the weekends. However, the time came when I decided that if I was really going to try to make it in the big time, I needed to move to Nashville. I got all prepared for the move. My family threw me a “moving to Nashville” party, and then one day before I was heading to guitar town, I got a call from Mel Tillis himself. I told him I was moving and he asked me if I’d consider waiting a couple weeks. So I did. A few days later we had a meeting where he told me if I went up to Nashville on my own, I was liable to meet all the wrong people. He went on to say I could stay with him at his farm in Ashland City, TN, and he’d introduce me to the right people. That’s precisely what I did!



“With gentlemanly, sunbeam-strobed home-folk bounce, Kenyon shares his world and the cherished ones populating it.”
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“Si lo que te gusta son los sonidos mas tradicionales del Country,y adoras a tu familia,tu disco sin duda alguna es Family Man,disponible en grandes plataformas de distribucion on-line,o en la pagina web del artista.”
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